Right Angle Flow Controls (with knob)

The right angle flow control valves provide fast, accurate control in a convenient package. Specifically designed for controlling flow to pneumatic actuators, these units come with push-in type fittings with pre-applied Teflon sealant.  The flow controls offer a swivel feature for ease of tubing alignment.

  • Both units mount directly to your cylinder ports
  • RAF adjustment is a recessed screwdriver slot
  • RAFK has a knob for the adjustment that can be tightened down once set
  • RAF is black anodized aluminum body, zinc plated brass fitting, cracking pressure = 5 PSI
  • RAFK is brass nickel plated body, cracking pressure = 5 PSI
  • Temperature range:  -14°F to 160°F


How to Order

Pressure Range: 15 to 145 PSI
Temperature Range: 0 °F (-18 °C) to 160 °F (70 °C)