FQP Series

Port mounted flow controls are ideal for adjusting the speed of extension and retraction for virtually any actuator.  Most double acting applications are best served with meter-out style flow controls, which control the flow of exhaust air as it leaves the cylinder.  By reducing the exhaust air flow rate, the flow control reduces the speed of travel of the cylinder rod.

  • Flow controls offer metered flow in one direction, free flow in the opposite direction
  • Chrome plated, zinc die cast bodies
  • Two adjustment types (recessed needle and knurled adjustment knob with lock nut)
  • Push-to-connect style for customer tubing (accepts plastic tubing, nylon, polyethylene)
  • Seven sizes from #10-32 port / 5/32" OD tubing to 1/2" NPT port / 1/2" OD tubing
  • Male threads are coated with dry thread sealant