"300" Series

“300” Series valves feature 10-32 (F) ports and three styles to ease application requirements. Standard and rear ported valves feature 10-32 (F) input/output ports and a non-threaded exhaust. A fully ported configuration is available in brass or stainless steel with a 10-32 (F) exhaust port for capturing/removal of exhaust flow; alternative plumbing methods optional.

  • 10-32 (F) ports
  • Flow rate:  15.5 to 20 scfm at 125 psi depending upon configuration
  • Operating Pressure:  26” Hg  to 125 psi
  • Actuators:  push button, detented toggle, momentary toggle or ball
  • Electroless nickel plated brass or stainless steel construction
  • Lockwasher and nuts included