Capsula Sub-Base Style

Capsula offers over 20 valve styles to fit any application.  All modes are mounted on a side ported sub-base, 4-way, 5 port. Any of the valve models can be separated from its base in seconds without disturbing the piping.  The valves come in two port sizes 1/4" and 1/2" NPTF. The max pressure is 120 PSI with a temperature rang of 0°F-212°F.

  • Capsula valves are available in 2-position and 3-position functions
  • A wide variety of actuator styles are available
  • Built-in non-locking manual overrides
  • Mounted on side ported sub-bases
  • Unique patented bi-lobed seals are wear compensating, self cleaning
  • Electrically actuated Capsula valves utilize a 12mm industrial B-type DIN type solenoid


Pressure Rating: Vacuum to 120 PSI
Temperature Range: -20° F (-29° C) to 212° F (100° C)
1/4" Models: Cv = 0.75
1/2" Models: Cv = 3.17
Lubrication: Required for 1/2" and all 3-position models
Filtration: 40μ (extends valve life)
1/4" Module - (ABS Cylolac)
- Spool Delrin AF®)
- Base (die cast aluminum)
1/2" Module - (phenolic)
- Spool (aluminum)
- Base (rolled aluminum)